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Sunset was established 23 years ago in 1993. The owners, Mrs. Marisela Del Rio and  Mr. Craig F. Knight, have been involved in the janitorial field for many years. We are a medium-sized business. Our goal as the owners is to stay involved in all aspects of our business to give our customers the support that only the direct owners of a company can provide. Sunset has a very hands-on approach to serving our clients' needs.  Please read our Mission Statement to learn more about our approach to the cleaning business.


Today it is rare to be able to deal directly for the owners of a company. My partner and I are proud that we can deal directly with our customers in all respects. When you call our office you get either myself or my partner. E-mails go directly to the owners and are responded to promptly. As one of the owners, I meet with our customers personally and inspect the buildings during the day. If you are tired of dealing with a long chain of command where every one else passes along the blame, try dealing with the owners and see the difference for yourself.

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